pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan photo

A dating scan tells you how many weeks pregnant you are and checks the general health and development of your baby.

In the UK, a dating scan is normally offered at 11 – 14 weeks gestation. This scan is provided free of charge by the NHS.

It is possible, however, to attend a dating scan much earlier than this if you book with a private ultrasound clinic. Scan prices vary from one clinic to the next.


What’s the earliest you can have a pregnancy scan?

You can attend a dating scan from as early as 7 weeks gestation by making a booking at a private ultrasound clinic. Here at First Encounters, we understand that you and your family are likely very excited to meet your baby for the first time and might not want to wait until around the 12-week mark for an NHS scan.

Our EarlyReassure™ pregnancy scan package is available at 7 – 14 weeks and includes the following:

  • Dating of pregnancy
  • Visual heartbeat
  • Exclusion of ectopic pregnancy
  • Check of ovaries
  • Identify single or multiple pregnancy
  • Crown to rump measurement

Also included is a Digital Foetal Assessment Report, 3 x printed photos and access to digital copies via our photocloud™ service.


Is 6 weeks too early for a dating scan?

It is possible to detect a heartbeat at 6 weeks, but an ultrasound scan carried out at this early stage may show nothing at all, resulting in unnecessary anxiety for you and your family. That’s why our early dating scans are only available from 7 weeks gestation, as this is when we should easily be able to see the baby and find a heartbeat.


What’s the purpose of a dating scan?

Dating scans, as the name suggests, are designed to check how far along you are in your pregnancy and provide you with an estimated date of delivery (EDD).

These scans can also examine your baby’s general development and check that they’re growing in the right place. A dating scan can also detect multiple foetuses.


Book an early dating scan

If you would like to attend an early dating scan before your first NHS appointment, you can book with us today! Choose your scan package and click Book Now to go through to our secure booking system, where you can choose a date and time that suits you.


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