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NIPT DNA Test - Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

NIPT Blood Screening Test
From 10 Weeks
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NIPT overview

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a screening test that looks at the baby's DNA in the mother's bloodstream to identify whether the baby is affected by certain chromosomal abnormalities that might result in Down's syndrome, Edwards' syndrome or Patau's syndrome. It's a very accurate test that only requires a small blood sample from the mother. Down's syndrome, Edwards' syndrome or Patau's syndrome. It's a very accurate test that only requires a small blood sample from the mother.

NIPT is now available at the First Encounters clinic in Cardiff. The test is analysed using the Vanadis® NIPT system from PerkinElmer. The Vanadis® NIPT system is a CE-marked in vitro diagnostic product in accordance with European directive 98/79/EC.
Prenatal test for chromosomal abnormalities
NIPT is a targeted test which identifies the chance that a baby will be affected by Down's, Edwards' and Patau's syndromes. (Note that this test does not screen for all possible chromosomal conditions.)
  • Testing for Down's syndrome – Down's syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs when an individual has an additional copy of chromosome 21 (i.e. when three copies of chromosome 21 are present instead of two). Down's syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition in children and adults. It is characterised by learning difficulties but can also be associated with an increased chance of other medical conditions. As Down's syndrome is a variable condition, it is not possible to know how affected a baby will be; some adults with this condition are able to lead a fairly independent life, while others need continued support.
  • Testing for Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes – Edwards' syndrome (also known as trisomy 18) and Patau's syndrome (also known as trisomy 13) are very rare genetic conditions. Edwards' syndrome is caused by an additional copy of chromosome 18, and Patau's syndrome by an additional copy of chromosome 13. Both of these conditions are life-limiting, and many affected babies die during pregnancy or shortly after birth.
Prenatal test for chromosomal abnormalities
NIPT is a targeted test which identifies the chance that a baby will be affected by Down's, Edwards' and Patau's syndromes. (Note that this test does not screen for all possible chromosomal conditions.)
Is NIPT safe?
Yes – the Vanadis® NIPT test carries no risk to the mother or baby. All that's required is a blood sample, which is taken from the mother's arm.
How accurate is NIPT?
The accuracy of the Vanadis® NIPT test is shown in the table below.
Down's Syndrome Edward's Syndrome Patau's Syndrome
Vanadis® Sensitivity >99% 91.7% >99%
Can NPT determine my baby’s gender?
Yes – in addition to screening for chromosomal abnormalities, the Vanadis® NIPT test can determine the sex of your baby with 99.6% accuracy.
Who can have an NIPT test?
The Vanadis® NIPT test is available to all women from 10 weeks of pregnancy. It is suitable for single, twin and IVF pregnancies.

Non-invasive prenatal testing is NOT suitable for women who:
  • Have cancer or chromosomal abnormalities (including trisomy 13, 18 and 21)
  • Have received an organ transplant, immunotherapy or stem cell therapy in the last 12 months
  • Have had a blood transfusion in the last 3 months
  • Are pregnant with more than two children (triplets, quadruplets, etc.)
  • Have not yet reached 10 weeks gestation
Understanding your NIPT test results
There are two possible results:
  • Low chance - This means it is very unlikely that your baby will be affected by Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome.
  • Increased chance - This means that there is an increased chance that your baby will be affected by Down's, Edwards' or Patau's syndrome. This result should be discussed with your midwife and confirmed with an invasive diagnostic test, such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis. Confirmation is required because, in a very small number of cases, the DNA from the placenta may not be representative of the baby's DNA. Your midwife will be able to support you and help you to make an informed decision.
How to book your NIPT test
To book your blood draw appointment, click the ‘Book Now’ link above or call 02920 732671 and select option 1. Please note that this test is only available if you are at least 10 weeks pregnant.

When you book your NIPT test, we will send an appointment confirmation email detailing the date and time of your scheduled blood draw (facilitated on behalf of Melio Health).

Our customer care team will create your personal account with Melio Health, which will be used for all reporting and communication. First Encounters will ensure that you meet the criteria for non-invasive prenatal testing by completing a brief questionnaire with you before your scheduled appointment. You will then receive a test order confirmation - including a unique code - directly from Melio Health.
Should I bring anything to my NIPT appointment?
Please bring your unique order code and valid photo ID (such as a passport or driving licence) to your appointment. Everything else will be available at the clinic.

We recommend drinking an extra glass of water prior to your appointment - it's important to stay hydrated before a blood draw.

When you arrive at the clinic, a member of the First Encounters team will ask you a few more questions about you and your pregnancy (including your height, your current weight, and how far along you are).
When will I get my NIPT results?
Your sample will be analysed in the laboratory, then results will be sent to Melio Health along with a PDF report that explains the results in detail. A doctor will review your results and post a personalised medical comment in your Melio account.

You will receive an SMS text notification when your results are ready. You will then be able to log into your Melio account and view the results of your NIPT test. Results are usually delivered within 5 to 10 days.
About the laboratory
The laboratory is fully UKAS accredited (number 8848) and compliant with the NHS Foetal Anomaly Screening Programme Service Specification No. 16 and the NHS Foetal Anomaly Screening Programme Handbook for Laboratories (2018). The laboratory participates in external quality assurance and DQASS quality schemes.

The lab is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced clinical scientists, all of whom are fully trained and competency-assessed. Laboratory representatives attend all national Foetal Anomaly Screening Programme and Down's Quality Assurance Support Service (DQASS) training events.

The laboratory has utilised PerkinElmer equipment for over twenty years and was one of the first to use Vanadis® technology for NIPT screening.
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Terms and conditions
  1. Clients will consent directly with Melio Health upon arrival of scheduled appointment.
  2. First Encounters Ultrasound will facilitate the blood draw at its approved clinic location and collect payment on behalf of Melio Health.
  3. The information collected at the time of booking will be used jointly by First Encounters Ultrasound and Melio Health to facilitate the appointment booking. Data collected will not be shared with any other party.
  4. Melio Health will communicate test results directly to the client via SMS notification to log into your Melio account.
  5. First Encounters Ultrasound acts solely as a facilitator of the service provided by Melio Health. All reporting and future communication in relation to test results will be conducted by Melio Health.
  6. First Encounters Ultrasound is not obligated to provide a complimentary ultrasound scan to verify gestation age of the pregnancy.
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