About First Encounters Ultrasound

Unlike the rushed, clinical, and often impersonal environment of a busy hospital, First Encounters Ultrasound welcomes you with a personal commitment to providing an experience that is both pleasant and memorable from the moment you arrive. We provide a cosy atmosphere with soft lighting designed to soothe and relax during this unique and special experience.
3D/4D Scans

Share Your Baby’s World

Parents, children, friends, and extended family members are all welcome to accompany you as you meet your unborn baby in live 4D motion, providing a unique and positive bonding opportunity. We allow up to four guests to join the mother in the examination room, with up to five additional guests permitted in our purpose-built private viewing room where your scan can be viewed on a large screen with audio. So you can bring up to nine guests in total (including children, who must be supervised if under the age of 16).

Professional, Fully Qualified Experts

Our highly experienced and qualified sonographers will review every step of your ultrasound screening and willingly answer any questions prior to and during your private baby scan.

Our Guarantee to You

The position of your baby can on occasions be such that gender determination and 3D/4D imagery are difficult to achieve. On these occasions, the sonographer may ask you to take a gentle stroll to encourage movement of your baby before recommencing your scan. In the unlikely event that your baby is still in the wrong position, you will be offered a complimentary re-scan visit on an alternate date. Terms and conditions apply.

On the extremely rare occasion that we are unable to obtain the desired images after your complimentary re-scan, the sonographer will provide a professional opinion as to whether the desired result would be achievable through further scanning. We trust at such time that you will appreciate we will have made every effort to achieve the desired result (notwithstanding issues beyond our control), and as such, any further elected scan would be chargeable.

Professional Bodies

All of our sonographers are registered with the Health Professionals Council.

The Health Professions Council (HPC) are the regulator for health professionals, and they were established to protect the public. To do this, they keep a register of all qualified health professionals who meet their standards for training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

Regulatory Bodies

There are several industry regulators to whose standards our business operations are required to conform. The first is the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who regulate health care and in particular diagnostic and screening activities within England; the second is Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW), who regulate the health care industry in Wales. We are proud to boast that our previous facilities located in England were approved to CQC regulatory standards, and whilst HIW do not currently regulate the same diagnostic and screening activities in Wales, it is our policy to ensure that we operate to the highest industry standards; as such, you can be confident that our operations in Wales reflect the standards enforced by CQC regulations in England.