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State of the Art Equipment
All of our 3D/4D scans are carried out using the GE Voluson E6, featuring genuine HDLive technology. GE Healthcare are the world’s leading providers of baby scan equipment, and no other unit comes close to the detail that the Voluson E6 is capable of capturing.
Some of our Gifts
Priceless Gifts & Souvenirs
After your scan, you will be able to choose from a wide range of souvenirs, including photos and keyrings of your unborn child. As well as providing you with a priceless souvenir of your pregnancy, these items make great gifts for friends and relatives.

Our Clinics
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With clinics in Cardiff, First Encounters has become the leading ultrasound scan provider in Wales. We provide the most comprehensive packages and the highest quality of service at very competitive prices.

Boy or Girl
Boy or Girl?
Find out with an Early Gender Test from 6 weeks

3D/4D Scans from First Encounters

We use the very latest ultrasound technology to offer a selection of 2D and 3D/4D scans, giving you a fascinating glimpse into your baby’s world. We aim to ensure that your entire experience is of the highest possible quality, and our friendly, fully-qualified sonographers never fail to provide a positive, informative bonding experience for expectant parents and their guests.

Commemorate your pregnancy with an amazing look at your unborn child. Our revolutionary imaging technology allows you to see your baby in the form of 3-dimensional ultrasound images and real-time 4-dimensional motion viewing. We also offer an assortment of 2D diagnostic scans for families seeking a little extra reassurance about the wellbeing of their baby-to-be.

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Share your Baby's World

Share the Experience

Parents, children, friends, and extended family members are all welcome here at First Encounters Ultrasound. All scans are carried out in a comfortable clinic environment, and your loved ones can come along to meet the newest member of the family. Invite up to 5 guests (1 adult guest in the scanning room, with up to 4 additional guests in the viewing room) to share your experience in a COVID-safe environment.

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Souvenir Merchandise

Gifts & Souvenirs

Add your souvenirs at the Optional Gifts & Souvenirs stage of the online booking process, or tell your customer service representative which souvenir(s) you’re interested in when booking your scan by telephone.
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