"What a lovely experience! We were welcomed immediately by the lovely receptionist who was warm and friendly. We waited for 5 minutes to be seen and was then escorted into the room where the scan would be. Our Sonographer put us at ease straight away and explained the process. Seeing our baby for the first time was just magical. I immediately burst into tears - the Sonographer had tissues at the ready. I would highly recommend the earlyAssure scan to anyone. Worth every penny!!!"
Nicola - Google 5 Star

What's included:

(All items will be ready for you to take home on the day)
Safe Scan
Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan
Performed by registered qualified obstetric sonographers.
Scan Report
Digital Foetal Assessment Report
Scan Photos
3 x Complimentary Black & White Glossy Photos
Subject to conclusive evaluation.
Scan Photos
1 x Complimentary Video Clip Displaying Visible Heartbeat
Subject to conclusive evaluation.
Safe Scan
photocloud™ with Digital Download of All 2D Scan Imagery
Subject to conclusive evaluation. What's this?

Optional Souvenirs

Early Reassurance Scan: What to Expect

The EarlyReassure™ scan is an early pregnancy viability scan specifically designed for expectant parents who are seeking reassurance prior to attending their first NHS scan, especially in cases of vaginal bleeding to confirm that the pregnancy is viable. The EarlyReassure™ scan is also beneficial to those who are keen to establish the gestation age of their baby and to assist with the scheduling of their NHS Dual Screening Scan (Dating & NT), elements of which must be conducted prior to 14 weeks. It is also beneficial for IVF pregnancies, providing development assessment and reassurance.

During the scan, your fully-qualified obstetric sonographer will check your uterus and ovaries to exclude ectopic pregnancy and to measure baby's crown-to-rump length (CRL - head to bottom) to verify gestation age, providing an initial estimated delivery date (EDD). We will also check the yolk sac which is baby’s source of food prior to the formation of the placenta, and seek to provide visual confirmation of heartbeat and movement together with confirmation of the number of babies you are carrying. All of this information will be documented in the form of a digital Foetal Assessment Report.

Please note

The use of abdominal ultrasound prior to 7 weeks' gestation can often fail to detect a foetal heartbeat, resulting in an inconclusive assessment of your pregnancy.
Your reassurance scan will be conducted using an abdominal ultrasound probe (external on the abdomen), and it is important to recognise that imagery obtained is derived from the reflection of sound waves passing through your abdomen creating the visual image. From 6 weeks gestation your baby is likely to measure approximately 5mm in length; as such, the level of diagnostic evaluation and visibility achievable should you attend this type of scan as early as 6 weeks can differ greatly between clients. This is especially true in cases of a high BMI, which can result in poor image resolution and possibly lead to an inconclusive evaluation.

In recognition of this, it is preferred to perform this scan from a minimum of 7 weeks gestation. It is important to understand that between 6 and 7 weeks, not all elements of this assessment may be achievable, therefore we have indicated in the *Gestation Age Evaluation Criteria the level of diagnostic evaluation that should be achievable within the defined periods. If your pregnancy is less than 6 weeks, we cannot guarantee achievement of any of the defined criteria.
Digital Foetal Assessment Report
Your Digital Foetal Assessment Report will confirm:
  • CRL Measurement
  • Dating of Pregnancy
  • Visual Heartbeat & Movement
  • Ectopic Pregnancy Assessment
  • Yolk Sac Evaluation
*Gestation Age Evaluation Criteria
Your predicted gestation age should be calculated from the first day of your last period.
  • 1-5 weeks gestation: nothing visible on an ultrasound scan.
  • 6-7 weeks gestation: potential exclusion of ectopic pregnancy, potential visualisation and measurement of foetal pole.
  • 7-14 weeks gestation: yolk sac evaluation, ectopic pregnancy assessment, CRL foetal pole measurement, dating of pregnancy, visual heartbeat and movement, confirmation of single or multiple pregnancy.
Scan Time & Baby’s Safety
Your EarlyReassure™ scan will last for approximately 5 minutes. As an ethical and regulated provider we comply with the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) guidelines, only scanning for as long as it necessitates to achieve the required diagnostic evaluation. Whilst we appreciate longer scan times promoted by other scan companies may seem appealing, the safety and wellbeing of your baby is paramount and should not be compromised.
Referral Procedure to NHS
In the event we identify matters of concern and it is considered a further detailed diagnostic assessment is required, a referral to your NHS GP/Midwife will be provided in accordance with our approved procedures. Referrals to NHS will only be provided when there is justified concern.
Re-Scan Guarantee
In the unlikely event that we are unable to obtain any aspects of the diagnostic evaluation required to fulfil the requirements of the EarlyReassure™ scan after we have confirmed the measured gestation age to be in excess of 7 weeks, you will be provided with a complimentary re-scan to be performed at a later date in order that we may conclude our evaluation. T&C's apply.
Multiple Pregnancy Surcharge
A multiple pregnancy will require further scan time in order to conduct the detailed assessment of multiple foetus; as such we charge an additional £50 per foetus to account for the extended appointment time allocated.
Sonographers & Regulation
All ultrasound scans are performed by qualified and experienced obstetric Sonographers registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC).
Guest Policy
Due to the sensitive nature of baby scans and potential unexpected findings, we strongly encourage you to consider the purpose of your chosen scan and the appropriate nature of guests in attendance in particular children attending the examination room. We have re-designed our clinic to provide a purpose built private viewing room to accommodate additional guests from which we can appropriately control what is displayed and observed. Our guest policy now permits up to four guests to accompany you into the examination room including ‘where appropriate’ closely supervised children; with a further five additional guests including children (supervised under the age of 16 years) permitted into the private viewing room where they can view your scan on a large screen with audio. (Max 9 Guests across two rooms).
The diagnostic evaluations obtained whilst conducting the EarlyReassure™ scan provide valuable insight into baby’s development and wellbeing, designed to compliment but not replace your NHS Dating/NT (12-14wks). Whilst this scan has a specific purpose, gestation age criteria and defined reporting protocols, our qualified Sonographers have an ethical obligation to highlight, report and refer matters of concern which may be outside the scope/protocols of the performed scan. In some circumstances further NHS evaluation and screening may be required; however the gestation age criteria for such evaluations will be determined by your NHS Antenatal provider.
Pre-Scan Preparation
Arrive with a full bladder as this will assist with the magnification of scan imagery. Please do NOT empty bladder prior to scan. Remove any belly piercings in advance of your appointment. Since we will need to expose your abdomen during the scan, please consider wearing a two-piece outfit so that we may respect your dignity.
Safe Sacan
  • Reputable, Well-Established Provider
  • Qualified Licensed Sonographers
  • Advanced HDlive Technology
  • Equipment Certified Safe
  • Diagnostic & Souvenir Imaging
  • Diagnostic & Souvenir Imaging