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We offer a wide variety of baby scan gifts here at First Encounters Ultrasound, but easily the most popular souvenir of all is our adorable Heartbeat Bear (your baby's heartbeat recorded onto a cuddly teddy bear).

Baby heartbeat bear
Cute, isn't he?

The photo above is taken from Family Days Tried & Tested, a family blog specialising in fun days out and activities for parents to enjoy with their children. The FDT&T family recently visited the First Encounters Clinic, where - thanks to our 4D ultrasound technology - they were introduced to the newest member of their clan:

4D baby scan

We're pleased to say that Mrs Family Days wrote an entire blog post about her First Encounters experience - click here to read her thoughts and see the photographs she took on the day.

But let's get back to that bear, because you could win one of your very own for absolutely nothing!

Win a Heartbeat Bear Experience Worth £45!

If you're pregnant and you'd like to have your unborn child's heartbeat recorded onto a cute cuddly toy, here's what to do:
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  2. Share the page with your friends and get them to like it too!
  3. Once our page reaches 2,000 likes, we'll select one of those 2,000 people to win a Heartbeat Bear Experience!

What is a Heartbeat Bear Experience?

If you win the Hearbeat Bear Experience, you'll be invited to your nearest First Encounters clinic for a heartbeat scan. A probe will be placed on your belly and the sound of your baby's heartbeat will be recorded onto one of our teddy bears.

This bear will be yours to take home - the teddy makes a wonderful souvenir of your pregnancy, and we're certain that you'll hang onto it for years after the birth of your baby!

The prizewinner will also have the option to upgrade to a full ultrasound scan - this will be charged as normal, but will include a Heartbeat Bear free of charge.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Facebook and enter our competition - you've got to be in it to win it!

Please note that the Heartbeat Bear Experience is available only if you are currently pregnant; our protocol prevents us from recording the heartbeat of a child who has already been born.
Baby Scan Gifts

The service we provide here at First Encounters Ultrasound doesn't end when we complete your baby scan. We also offer a variety of souvenirs for you to take home, enjoy, and share with your friends and family - here are some of our most popular baby scan gifts:

Baby scan DVD
DVD Recording
This is exactly what it says on the tin: the footage from your ultrasound scan, recorded onto a DVD that you can watch over and over again. DVD recordings are available for both 2D and 4D scans.

Why get this souvenir?
Not only will a DVD recording enable you to share your scan footage with friends and relatives who couldn't make it on the day, it will also allow you to show the footage to your child when they're a little older!

Hearbeat bear
Heartbeat Bear
This adorable teddy bear is no ordinary cuddly toy - your baby's heartbeat (as captured during your scan) is recorded onto an audio device inside the teddy, and this very special sound will play when you give the bear a hug!

Why get this souvenir?
Heartbeat Bear makes a great gift for young children; you can give the toy to your unborn baby's sibling-in-waiting, or you could wait until baby is born and give the teddy to them!

Ultrasound picture key ringUltrasound pic fridge magnet
Key Rings & Fridge Magnets
The images that we capture during your baby scan can be printed onto key fobs and fridge magnets for you to take home and keep forever!

Why get these souvenirs?
They make fantastic gifts for family and friends, especially if they weren't able to be your guests on the day of the scan itself.

Baby gender scratch card
Gender Reveal Cards
If your First Encounters Ultrasound package includes gender confirmation, you can opt to purchase these fun gender reveal cards after the scan. Scratch away the silver panel to reveal the baby's sex!

Why get this souvenir?
It's a fun alternative to simply telling your friends and relatives whether you're having a boy or a girl. Instead, why not send each of them a gender reveal card and let them guess before they find out the answer?

All of these gifts can be purchased on the day of your scan, although some may be included in the price of your scan depending on which package you select. Compare our scan options here, or visit our Baby Scan Gifts page to see our full range of souvenirs.
4D scans
We get asked a lot of questions here at First Encounters Ultrasound, but perhaps the most common query of all concerns the safety of the scans that we provide. Many expectant parents feel slightly apprehensive about the idea of undergoing an ultrasound scan for fear that it will have a detrimental effect on the mother and/or her unborn baby.
The good news is that, in 30 years of study and research, ultrasound has not been found to cause any harm whatsoever to mother or baby. As the name suggests, ultrasound technology relies on sound waves, which are perfectly safe at the intensity used for the purposes of pregnancy scanning.
Ultrasound scans are now the norm throughout the UK; even if you don't visit the First Encounters clinic for a private scan, you will likely undergo two NHS ultrasound scans over the course of your pregnancy to check on your baby's development.

But what about 4D scans?

Most of the parents who enquire about the safety of our scans are referring specifically to our 4D scan packages; that is, the scans that capture 3D footage like this:
A lot of people assume that 4D scans must use a higher intensity than standard 2D scans, if not a different type of technology altogether. Many of the parents-to-be that we encounter have already received one ultrasound scan by the time we speak to them, and even some of these people are concerned about the side effects of our 4D scanning equipment.
If you are harbouring any such concerns yourself, allow us to put your mind at ease: 4D ultrasound scans have been shown to be completely safe for both mother and baby. Our 4D probe operates at the same intensity as our 2D scanning equipment, emitting sound waves into the body and creating an image based on the echoes it hears. The technology actually has a lot in common with radar!
None of the ultrasound scans we offer have been shown to have any harmful effect on human beings, so when you and your unborn child pay us a visit, you can rest assured that our service is not putting either of you in any danger whatsoever.
Want to find out the gender of your unborn child? No problem! When it comes to gender scans, our sonographers are vastly experienced and highly skilled - we can accurately predict sex from 16 weeks' gestation up until roughly the 32 week mark.

However, there's a decision that you'll need to make before you visit the First Encounters clinic: which of our baby gender scan packages best suits your needs? We offer four main gender confirmation scans - here's a quick guide to each of them:


Simple and cost-effective // 18-26 weeks

Costing just £39, this basic sexing scan is a good choice for expectant parents who simply want gender confirmation with no frills or extras. Your pureGender™ appointment will last just 10 minutes (with the scan itself lasting 5 minutes), after which you'll receive the following:
  • Gender confirmation
  • 2 x glossy black and white photographs (2D)
  • Observation report (confirming gender, position, placental site and fluid levels)
  • £10 off your next scan
  • A gift bag to take home with you


Our most popular gender scan // 16-32 weeks

genderAssure™ is our standard baby gender scan package - it is a little more in-depth than the pureGender™ scan, but at just £79, this option is still among the most cost-effective on the market. Each appointment takes 20 minutes, with the scan lasting 10 minutes; here's what's included:
  • Gender confirmation
  • 4 x glossy black and white photographs (2D)
  • reAssure™ report (growth measurement, weight, placenta position, fluid volumes, position and heartbeat)
  • 1 month's access to photocloud™
  • A 4D glimpse of your unborn baby
  • £10 off your next scan
  • gift bag to take home with you


genderAssure™...plus a couple of extras! // 16-32 weeks 

This is a deluxe version of our genderAssure™ package. Our genderAssurePlus option costs £99, and each appointment lasts for 25 minutes (scan lasts 10 minutes). You'll get everything included in the genderAssure™ scan, as well as the following extras:
  • 5 minute DVD recording of your scan
  • Heartbeat Bear (a teddy bear featuring your baby's heartbeat!)


Gender confirmation and 4D baby bonding experience // 20-32 weeks

If you want to combine your baby gender scan with the full 4D ultrasound experience, 4DgenderAssure™ may well be the perfect choice for you. This package costs £99, with appointments lasting 25 minutes and the scan itself taking up 10 minutes; your baby's gender will be revealed using traditional 2D ultrasound techniques, but we'll also use our 4D ultrasound equipment to give you and up to six guests a spectacularly detailed look at your baby's world. You'll also receive the following items:
  • Gender confirmation
  • 4 x glossy colour photographs (3D)
  • reAssure™ report (growth measurement, weight, placenta position, fluid volumes, position and heartbeat)
  • A photographic key ring
  • £10 off your next scan
  • gift bag to take home with you
This scan package is very similar to our Deluxe4D™ option; the only difference is that you will receive gender confirmation instead of a DVD recording of your scan. If you would like to combine these two packages, try Deluxe4DPlus.

Still not sure which of our gender scan packages will suit you best? Give us a call on 02920 732671 or click here to contact us and discuss your options with a member of the First Encounters team!