Gallery: 4D Scan Images & Videos

All of the baby scans we perform here at First Encounters are carried out using top-quality ultrasound equipment. For 3D/4D scans, we use the GE Voluson E6, featuring genuine HDLive technology. GE Healthcare are the world’s leading providers of pregnancy scanning equipment, and HD Live scans give an unparalleled level of detail and clarity.

Scroll down to view some examples of the 4D scan images and videos our sonographers are able to capture.

4D Scan Images

During your 3D/4D scan, we’ll capture multiple photographs of your unborn baby, giving you and your family a set of stunning keepsakes that you’ll treasure forever. All of your scan images will be available to download from photocloud™, plus we can provide glossy souvenir photos for you to take home.

4D Scan Videos

We can also record motion video clips during your 3D/4D scan. Here are some of the 4D scan videos our trained sonographers have captured during real ultrasound scans:

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