What to Put in Your Hospital Bag

From your first ultrasound scan to the final push, pregnancy is a journey that's filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness - especially as your due date approaches. One of the best ways to prepare for the big day is by packing a hospital bag well in advance.

Getting everything ready before you go into labour can help ease your mind and ensure a smooth experience when it's time to welcome your little one into the world. Here's a handy guide on what to include in your hospital bag for both you and your baby.


Packing a Hospital Bag for Mum

  • Birthing plan and hospital notes: Keep your birth plan and any hospital notes in a dedicated folder. This will help the medical team understand your preferences and any important medical history.

  • Comfortable clothing for labour: Pack a few options for labour, such as a comfortable nightgown or oversized t-shirt. Choose something loose-fitting and soft to ensure you're as comfortable as possible.

  • Nursing bras and maternity pads: After delivery, you'll need nursing bras that offer good support and easy access for breastfeeding. Maternity pads are essential for postpartum bleeding, so make sure to bring a good supply.

  • Wash bag: Include travel-sized toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Don't forget a hairbrush, hair ties, and lip balm – a hospital room can be quite a dry environment.

  • Comfortable postpartum clothing: Pack a few sets of loose, comfortable clothing for after birth. Think stretchy pants, nursing tops, and a cosy robe. Comfort is key as you recover and bond with your baby.

  • Sock and slippers: Hospitals can be a little chilly, so bring warm socks and a pair of easy to slip-on slippers to keep your feet cosy.

  • Snacks and drinks: Labour can be long, and hospital food might not always be to your liking. Pack some of your favourite snacks and drinks to keep your energy levels up.


Packing for Your Baby

  • Baby pyjamas: Soft, newborn-sized pyjamas or onesies are perfect for your baby's first outfits. Choose clothes are that are easy to put on and take off.

  • Nappies: Newborn nappies are a must. Bring a pack to ensure you have enough for your hospital stay.

  • Dummies: If you plan to use dummies, pack a couple of them. They can help soothe your baby in the early days.

  • Car seat: A car seat is essential for bringing your baby home safely. Make sure it's installed in your car before heading to the hospital.

  • Going home outfit: Select a special outfit for your baby's journey home. Consider the weather and choose something comfortable and easy to dress your newborn in.

  • Baby blanket: A soft warm blanket is perfect for swaddling your baby and providing comfort and warmth.


Extras to Consider

Here are a few bonus items that you might want to consider bringing with you to the hospital:

  • Phone charger: Keep your phone charger handy! You'll want to capture those first precious moments and stay in touch with loved ones. If you have one, we'd recommend bringing a charger with an extra-long lead so you can reach your phone from your bed.

  • Important documents: Bring your ID, insurance information, and any necessary medical documents. Having these on hand will streamline the hospital admission process.

  • Entertainment and comfort items: Consider bringing a book, tablet, or music player to help pass the time. A small pillow or blanket from home can also add a touch of comfort.

Packing your hospital bag is an exciting step that brings you closer to meeting your baby. Start gathering your items a few weeks before your due date to ensure you have everything you need. All mums and babies are different, so feel free to personalise your hospital 'go bag' to suit your needs and preferences.

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Remember, this is a joyful time! Focus on the excitement and anticipation of welcoming your new bundle of joy. Happy packing, and best wishes for a smooth and wonderful delivery!