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Finding out the gender of your baby is an exciting moment, and in recent years, having a gender reveal party to announce the sex of your baby has become increasingly popular. If you’re expecting and are looking for unique and exciting ways to announce the sex of your baby, you’re in the right place!

Here at First Encounters, we’re thrilled to be a part of your pregnancy journey, and have put together a list of our top 10 suggestions for a memorable gender reveal to help get you inspired.


What is a gender reveal?

A gender reveal is when the expecting parents announce the sex of their baby to their friends, family, and loved ones. A gender reveal can take many forms – some people choose to announce the sex of their baby with a simple social media post, others prefer something with a little more flair. Some have even been known to charter planes to fly over head and release coloured smoke!


Planning a gender reveal

One of the first steps to planning a gender reveal is to find out the sex of the baby. This can be done from as early as 6 weeks gestation with DNA-based blood tests like the SneakPeek® baby gender DNA test. These blood tests are a great option for excited parents who want to know the biological sex of their baby as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can go down the more traditional route of waiting for your baby’s gender to become visible on the scan. The gender of your baby can be identified via scan from 16-weeks.

When finding out the gender of the baby, expecting parents can choose to either find out ahead of time or have the information kept under wraps until the gender reveal party.

If you want to find out the gender of your unborn baby but want it to be kept a secret until the gender reveal, First Encounters offer the option to have your baby’s gender be kept a secret. Following your scan, a complimentary gender reveal scratch card will be provided – you can either scratch this card off yourself when you’re ready, or pass it along to a loved one who will use it to arrange your gender reveal party.


Fun and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

1) Confetti cannons

Confetti cannons are a popular favourite when it comes to gender reveals. An explosive burst of colour is sure to bring excitement with friends and family when your baby’s gender is announced! A fun alternative to confetti cannons is silly string.


2) Pop the balloon

Gender reveal balloons are another simple yet popular gender-reveal idea. Simply fill an opaque balloon with blue or pink confetti/glitter, and when the time comes – pop! A shower of colour revealing the gender of your baby!


3) Treasure hunt

If you’re looking for a way to make your gender reveal party as fun and exciting as possible, why not consider a treasure hunt? Send your guests off on a quest to find the clues and uncover the gender of your baby. The only limit to a gender reveal treasure hunt is your imagination; you can use nursery rhyme clues, funny props, or even split your guests into teams to make it competitive. The options are endless!


4) Themed social media posts

If you’re looking for a low-key, easy, yet unique baby reveal, why not create a one-of-a-kind social media post? You can get as creative with this as possible; whether you’re really into Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, or any other media, have fun and get punny with it! You can dress up, create a set to take pictures with, or even go for a themed photoshoot that is sure to be remembered.


5) Pinata

Give your gender reveal party some excitement by filling a pinata with blue/pink sweets and confetti. Pinatas are a fun activity to participate in, and when the coloured sweets spill out revealing the sex of your baby, there’s sure to be excitement.


6) Gender reveal scratch cards

If you’re looking for a less physically taxing gender reveal than a pinata, gender reveal scratch cards are a simple yet unique way to reveal the sex of your unborn baby. Simply scratch away to reveal the big surprise!


7) Balloon drop

A balloon drop gender reveal is easy to set up, yet can still result in a dramatic gender reveal with flair. To set up your balloon drop gender reveal, simply fill a box with coloured balloons, suspend the box overhead, and when you’re ready, open the box and let the coloured balloons rain down.


8) Coloured cake

A fun (and delicious!) gender reveal idea is coloured cake. There are many bakeries that offer gender reveal cakes, or perhaps you know an avid baker who can whip something up for you. Using food colouring, the cake is dyed either blue or pink, and when the expecting parent(s) cut into the cake and expose the coloured sponge, the gender is revealed.

What’s better, following the gender reveal, everyone at the reveal party gets a delicious snack. Yummy!


9) Water fight

If you’re announcing your baby’s gender in the summer months, coloured water balloons are a great way to announce the gender while also having a blast and cooling off. Simply fill water balloons with water and a few drops of food colouring in the appropriate colour, hand them out, and watch the fun begin. This gender reveal method works particularly well if you have attendees wear white to really make the colour pop!


10) Volcano

Remember those fun days in science class where you’d make exploding volcanoes out of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda? Well, why not recreate that fun childhood experiment for your gender reveal by adding a few drops of food colouring to the mix to create a truly explosive gender reveal.


Gender reveal parties are a great way to gather loved ones together to celebrate and get excited about the upcoming baby! Here at First Encounters, we offer a number of pregnancy scans with gender reveal included. All of our obstetric sonographers are highly experienced and friendly, and will do their best to make your experience as relaxing and magical as possible.

We can tell you whether you’re having a boy or a girl on the day of your scan, or we can keep it a secret so that you can find out with your friends and family at a gender reveal party. If you fall into the latter category, when you make your booking with us be sure to select our “secret gender option”, so that we know to turn off the viewing screen and avoid spoiling the surprise!

If you’d like to take a look at the wide range of pregnancy ultrasound services we offer to expecting parents, head on over to our website today.

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