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Ultimate4D Maximum Number of Guests is 6
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4D Bonding, Growth, Reassurance & Wellbeing Scan with Optional 2D Baby Sexing
24 - 32 weeks
30 minute appointment
15 minute ultrasound scan
Only: £159.00
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What's Included: (All items will be ready for you to take home on the day)
4D Bonding Scan
growthAssure™ Scan
12 x Colour 3D glossy photographs
growthAssure™ Report*  What's this?
Scan Video 10 min (MP4) and all Photos (.jpg) on USB
Heartbeat Bear (with recording of baby's heartbeat)
photo2fone™ (digital download of printed scan photos)  What's this?
2 x Photo Key Ring
Gender Confirmation 99.99% accurate (Upon request)
1 x Photo Magnet
Gift Bag
Complimentary Rescan Guarantee  t&c’s apply
*growthAssure Report confirms: Growth Measurement & Weight, Placenta Position & Fluid Volumes, Heartbeat, Position of Baby & Gender Confirmation (upon request)
Optional Souvenirs
Want to take home a few extra gifts for the family? You may choose to purchase any of these souvenirs in addition to those included in your scan package:
Photos Colour 2D Glossy £2.50 each
Duplicate USB Scan Video & Photos (30-35) £15.00
Disc Scan Video & Photos (30-35) £10.00
Photocloud Scan Photos (30-35) £5.00
Photo Key Ring £2.50 each
Photo Magnet £3.50 each
Heart Module £10.00 each
Heartbeat Bear £20.00 each
Bonus Bundle £25.00
Gender Reveal Cards £1.00 each

Ultimate4D™ Overview

Our bespoke Ultimate4D™ ultrasound package provides a truly unbeatable experience for expectant parents. You and up to six guests can watch your unborn baby in 4D HDLive motion on a 42" HD LED screen in our spacious clinic environment. Far more than just a wellbeing scan, the Ultimate4D™ package is a unique bonding experience, giving you the opportunity to see what your baby looks like inside the womb. All of this will be captured in the form of MP4 video and jpeg scan photos supplied on a branded USB stick – you might even see your child waving back at you! This package is enhanced with our bespoke selection of souvenirs, including the First Encounters Heartbeat Bear and photo2fone™. Our experienced, fully qualified sonographer will perform growth measurements and weight calculations, establish placenta position and fluid volume, provide an audible heartbeat trace, identify the position of your baby, all of which will be documented on a growthAssure™ Report. We can also provide gender confirmation during the wellbeing scan (but only if you request this).
Please note
If required, we can confirm the sex of your baby as part of your 4D ultrasound package. However, please bear in mind that no scan can 100% guarantee the gender of an unborn baby – our experienced sonographers can only give their professional opinion based on the imagery obtained.

Re-scan Guarantee

If, on the day of the 4D ultrasound scan, your baby is in a position that makes quality imaging difficult to achieve, we will recommend that you take a short walk to encourage movement. If this fails to have the desired effect, we will offer you a complimentary re -scan visit on another date. T&Cs apply.

4D ultrasound scans get the best results at 25-29 weeks gestation.

Multiple Pregnancy (Gestation Term 22-26 weeks) : £50 Surcharge (includes additional bear)
"Excellent value for money and the Heartbeat Bear is amazing!" Jessica from Wooton-under-Edge (Ultimate4D™ scan at 27 weeks)
Safe Scan
Approved & Regulated Qualified Licensed Sonographers Advanced HDlive Technology Equipment Certified Safe Diagnostic & Souvenir Imaging
Souvenir Merchandise

Gifts & Souvenirs

Add your souvenirs at the Optional Gifts & Souvenirs stage of the online booking process, or tell your customer service representative which souvenir(s) you’re interested in when booking your scan by telephone.
"Came here for a gender scan, service was excellent so I booked an ultimate scan"
Leanna, Bristol
Ultimate4D™ at 25 weeks
"The packages displayed online were very clear and played a huge part in choosing First Encounters, it was brilliant, thanks again"
Kimberley, Bristol
Premier gender'N'growth™ at 16 weeks
"Wanted to find out gender before 20 week scan, excellent we will be coming back for a 4d scan"
Zoe, Bridgwater
Premier gender'N'growth™ at 16 weeks
"Very pleased, can’t believe how good they look"
Gemma, Cowbridge
Superior4D™ at 27 weeks