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Deluxe4D Maximum Number of Guests is 6
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3D/4D Bonding, Growth, Reassurance & Wellbeing Scan with Optional 2D Baby Sexing
24 - 32 Weeks
25 Minute Appointment
10 Minute Ultrasound Scan
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Heartbeat Teddy for just
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Deluxe4D&Growth™ Overview

The Deluxe4D&Growth™ ultrasound experience allows you and up to six guests to watch your unborn baby in live 4D HDLive motion (displayed on a large HD screen within our comfortable clinic environment). This deluxe 4D baby scan is a unique and positive bonding experience that gives you the opportunity to find out who your baby most resembles, and maybe even see them waving their tiny hands, all captured in the format of an MP4 Video and .jpg scan photos supplied on a branded USB Stick. The scan will be carried out by a qualified sonographer; they will perform growth measurements and weight calculations, establish placenta position and fluid volume, provide an audible heartbeat trace, identify the position of your baby, and provide gender confirmation if you want to know your baby’s sex. All of this information will be documented in the form of a growthAssure™ Report, and if you have any questions prior to, during, or after your 4D baby scan, your expert sonographer will be more than happy to answer them.
Please note
No 4D baby scan can be 100% accurate when it comes to determining a baby’s gender. Our sonographers are fully qualified and highly experienced, and they will provide their best professional opinion based on the evidence obtained during your scan.

Scan Time & Baby’s Safety
Your Deluxe4D&Growth scan will last for approximately 5 minutes. As an ethical and regulated provider we comply with the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) guidelines, only scanning for as long as it necessitates to achieve the required diagnostic evaluation. Whilst we appreciate longer scan times promoted by other scan companies may seem appealing, the safety and wellbeing of your baby is paramount and should not be compromised.
Referral Procedure to NHS
In the event we identify matters of concern and it is considered a further detailed diagnostic assessment is required, a referral to your NHS GP/Midwife will be provided in accordance with our approved procedures. Referrals to NHS will only be provided when there is justified concern.
Re-scan Guarantee
Your baby’s position can sometimes make it difficult to achieve a clear image. If this is the case, our sonographer may recommend that you take a short walk to encourage movement; if this does not have the intended effect, we will be happy to offer you a complimentary re-scan on a later date. Terms and conditions apply.
Multiple Pregnancy Surcharge
A multiple pregnancy will require further scan time in order to conduct the detailed assessment required to obtain growth measurements of both babies, achieve gender depiction and to obtain 4D imagery; as such we charge an additional £45 to account for the extended appointment time allocated, and for the double quantity of souvenirs included in the package. It is recommended that this scan is performed between 22-26 weeks gestation for optimum results.
Sonographers & Regulation
All ultrasound scans are performed by qualified and experienced obstetric Sonographers registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC).
Guest Policy
We have seating for up 6 guests and children are most welcome.
The diagnostic evaluations obtained whilst conducting the Growth&Reassure™ and Growth&Presentation™ scans provide valuable insight into baby’s continual development and wellbeing, designed to compliment but not replace your NHS Dating/NT (12-14wks) and Anomaly scans (20 wks). Whilst each scan type has a specific purpose, gestation age criteria and defined reporting protocols, our qualified Sonographers have an ethical obligation to highlight, report and refer matters of concern which may be outside the scope/protocols of the performed scan. In some circumstances further NHS evaluation and screening may be required; however the gestation age criteria for such evaluations will be determined by your NHS Antenatal provider.
Pre-scan preparation
Arrive with a full bladder as this will assist with magnification of scan imagery. Please do NOT empty bladder prior to scan. Sugar in the blood stream will assist with baby’s movement. Remove any belly piercings in advance of your appointment. We will need to expose your abdomen during the scan, as such please consider wearing a two piece outfit in order that we may respect your dignity.
Optimum Gestation Age
The best 4D imagery is obtained when baby has plenty of room for movement and when there is ample fluid to project imagery; as such we recommend having your 4D scan between 26-29 weeks for optimum results
What's Included: (All items will be ready for you to take home on the day)
Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan performed by Registered Qualified Obstetric Sonographers
4D Bonding Scan
(with 5 min MP4 Video)
Custard & Crumble Goody Bag
Complimentary HDlive
growthAssure™ Scan
6 x Colour 3D glossy photographs
2 x AVI Video Clips on USB
growthAssure™ Report*  What's this?
Scan Video 5 min (MP4) and all Photos (.jpg) on USB
2 x Large Photo Key Ring
Gender Evaluation 99.99% accurate (upon request)
Gift Bag
Complimentary Rescan Guarantee  t&c’s apply
*growthAssure™ Report confirms: Growth Measurement & Weight, Placenta Position & Fluid Volumes, Heartbeat, Position of Baby & 2D Baby Sexing (upon request)
Optional Souvenirs
Want to take home a few extra gifts for the family? You may choose to purchase any of these souvenirs in addition to those included in your scan package:
Photos Colour 3D Glossy £3.00 each
Duplicate USB Scan Video & Photos (10-15) £15.00
Disc Scan Video & Photos (10-15) £10.00
Photocloud with Scan Photos (10-15) & 2 x AVI Video Clips £10.00
Large Photo Key Ring £4.00 each
Photo Magnet £4.00 each
16” Heartbeat Brown Patch Bear £25.00 each
16” Grey Floppy Ear Heartbeat Bunny £25.00 each
16” Pink Heartbeat Bunny £25.00 each
16” Blue Heartbeat Bunny £25.00 each
10” Heartbeat Elephant £20.00 each
16” Premium Grey Heartbeat Bear £25.00 each
16” Heartbeat Elephant £25.00 each
Gender Reveal Cards £1.50 each
Confetti Shooter £10.00 each
"Heard how good it was through a friend. Fab to be on a bank holiday so family and partner can come without having to take time off work. Thank you!" Natasha from Weston-super-Mare (Deluxe4D™ scan at 27 weeks)
Safe Scan
Approved & Regulated Qualified Licensed Sonographers Advanced HDlive Technology Equipment Certified Safe Diagnostic & Souvenir Imaging
Souvenir Merchandise

Gifts & Souvenirs

Add your souvenirs at the Optional Gifts & Souvenirs stage of the online booking process, or tell your customer service representative which souvenir(s) you’re interested in when booking your scan by telephone.
"Came here for a gender scan, service was excellent so I booked an ultimate scan"
Leanna, Bristol
Ultimate4D™ at 25 weeks
"The packages displayed online were very clear and played a huge part in choosing First Encounters, it was brilliant, thanks again"
Kimberley, Bristol
Premier gender'N'growth™ at 16 weeks
"Wanted to find out gender before 20 week scan, excellent we will be coming back for a 4d scan"
Zoe, Bridgwater
Premier gender'N'growth™ at 16 weeks
"Very pleased, can’t believe how good they look"
Gemma, Cowbridge
Superior4D™ at 27 weeks


Sorry - this ultrasound scan package is not available right now.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we are only able to offer essential growth and wellbeing scans at the moment.

Please select one of the following options: earlyAssure™ Scan (8 to 13 weeks) Digital Growth&Wellbeing™ Scan (14 to 40 weeks)
with *Complimentary Gender *T&C’s apply