Want to find out the gender of your unborn child? No problem! When it comes to gender scans, our sonographers are vastly experienced and highly skilled - we can accurately predict sex from 16 weeks' gestation up until roughly the 32 week mark.

However, there's a decision that you'll need to make before you visit the First Encounters clinic: which of our baby gender scan packages best suits your needs? We offer four main gender confirmation scans - here's a quick guide to each of them:


Simple and cost-effective // 18-26 weeks

Costing just £39, this basic sexing scan is a good choice for expectant parents who simply want gender confirmation with no frills or extras. Your pureGender™ appointment will last just 10 minutes (with the scan itself lasting 5 minutes), after which you'll receive the following:
  • Gender confirmation
  • 2 x glossy black and white photographs (2D)
  • Observation report (confirming gender, position, placental site and fluid levels)
  • £10 off your next scan
  • A gift bag to take home with you


Our most popular gender scan // 16-32 weeks

genderAssure™ is our standard baby gender scan package - it is a little more in-depth than the pureGender™ scan, but at just £79, this option is still among the most cost-effective on the market. Each appointment takes 20 minutes, with the scan lasting 10 minutes; here's what's included:
  • Gender confirmation
  • 4 x glossy black and white photographs (2D)
  • reAssure™ report (growth measurement, weight, placenta position, fluid volumes, position and heartbeat)
  • 1 month's access to photocloud™
  • A 4D glimpse of your unborn baby
  • £10 off your next scan
  • gift bag to take home with you


genderAssure™...plus a couple of extras! // 16-32 weeks 

This is a deluxe version of our genderAssure™ package. Our genderAssurePlus option costs £99, and each appointment lasts for 25 minutes (scan lasts 10 minutes). You'll get everything included in the genderAssure™ scan, as well as the following extras:
  • 5 minute DVD recording of your scan
  • Heartbeat Bear (a teddy bear featuring your baby's heartbeat!)


Gender confirmation and 4D baby bonding experience // 20-32 weeks

If you want to combine your baby gender scan with the full 4D ultrasound experience, 4DgenderAssure™ may well be the perfect choice for you. This package costs £99, with appointments lasting 25 minutes and the scan itself taking up 10 minutes; your baby's gender will be revealed using traditional 2D ultrasound techniques, but we'll also use our 4D ultrasound equipment to give you and up to six guests a spectacularly detailed look at your baby's world. You'll also receive the following items:
  • Gender confirmation
  • 4 x glossy colour photographs (3D)
  • reAssure™ report (growth measurement, weight, placenta position, fluid volumes, position and heartbeat)
  • A photographic key ring
  • £10 off your next scan
  • gift bag to take home with you
This scan package is very similar to our Deluxe4D™ option; the only difference is that you will receive gender confirmation instead of a DVD recording of your scan. If you would like to combine these two packages, try Deluxe4DPlus.

Still not sure which of our gender scan packages will suit you best? Give us a call on 02920 732671 or click here to contact us and discuss your options with a member of the First Encounters team!