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gender'N'wellbeing Maximum Number of Guests is 6


2D Baby Sexing & Wellbeing Scan
16 - 30 weeks
10 minute appointment
5 minute ultrasound scan
Only: £49.00
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What's Included: (All items will be ready for you to take home on the day)
4 x Black & White 2D glossy photographs
Wellbeing Observation Report*  What's this?
4dGlimpse  What's this?
Gender Confirmation 99.99% accurate
1 x Gender Reveal Scratch Card
Complimentary Rescan Guarantee  t&c’s apply
*Wellbeing Observation Report confirms: The Sex and Position of Baby, Heartbeat, Movement, Placental Site and Fluid Volume. Please note that ‘Wellbeing’ does not constitute ‘Growth’, as such you should consider the gender’N’growth option should you wish to check on baby’s measurements.
Optional Souvenirs
Want to take home a few extra gifts for the family? You may choose to purchase any of these souvenirs in addition to those included in your scan package:
Photos Black & White 2D Glossy £2.50 each
USB Stick Scan Photos (5-10) £10.00
Disc Scan Photos (5-10) £10.00
photocloud Scan Photos (5-10) £5.00
Photo Key Ring £2.50 each
Photo Magnet £3.50 each
Heart Module £10.00 each
Heartbeat Bear £20.00 each
Bonus Bundle £25.00
Gender Reveal Cards £1.00 each

gender'N'wellbeing™ Overview

Available from 16 weeks gestation, gender'N'wellbeing™ is a brief yet informative baby sexing scan – the perfect option for expectant parents who simply want to know the sex of their baby whilst perhaps providing the first opportunity to hear baby’s heartbeat.. You and up to six guests are welcome to watch as we discover the gender of your little one in live 2D footage, viewed on a 42” HD LED screen in the spacious and relaxed environment of our scanning room. Our experienced sonographer will display audible heartbeat and perform visual checks for movement, placental site, fluid volumes and your baby’s position, all of which will be documented in the form of a Wellbeing Observation Report.
Please note
The use of abdominal ultrasound prior to 8 weeks' gestation can often fail to detect a fetal heartbeat, resulting in an inconclusive assessment of your pregnancy.

Re-scan Guarantee

The position of your baby can on occasions be such that gender depiction is difficult to achieve. On these occasions the sonographer may ask you to take a gentle stroll to encourage movement of your baby before recommencing your sexing scan. On the rare occasion gender cannot be established, you would be offered one complimentary re-scan visit on an alternate date. T&C's.
This package is NOT available for multiple pregnancies.
"felt very comfortable from the start, staff were comforting and made us feel welcome. very happy with our experience." Lucy from Aberdare (gender'N'wellbeing™ scan at 16 weeks)
Safe Scan
Approved & Regulated Qualified Licensed Sonographers Advanced HDlive Technology Equipment Certified Safe Diagnostic & Souvenir Imaging
Souvenir Merchandise

Baby Scan Gifts & Souvenirs

Add your souvenirs at the Optional Gifts & Souvenirs stage of the online booking process, or tell customer service representative which souvenir(s) you’re interested in when booking your scan by telephone.
"Came here for a gender scan, service was excellent so I booked an ultimate scan"
Leanna, Bristol
Ultimate4D™ at 25 weeks
"The packages displayed online were very clear and played a huge part in choosing First Encounters, it was brilliant, thanks again"
Kimberley, Bristol
Premier genderAssure™ at 16 weeks
"Wanted to find out gender before 20 week scan, excellent we will be coming back for a 4d scan"
Zoe, Bridgwater
Premier genderAssure™ at 16 weeks
"Very pleased, can’t believe how good they look"
Gemma, Cowbridge
Superior4D™ at 27 weeks